I. bail bail 1 [beɪl] noun [uncountable] LAW
1. when someone who has been accused of a crime is allowed to remain free until their court case starts, usually because an amount of money has been given to the court which the court will keep if the prisoner does not return:

• The magistrates refused their application for bail.

• Six former members of staff have been arrested and released on bail while the inquiry continues.

2. the amount of money paid for bail:

Bail was set at £100,000 each on condition that the defendants did not leave the country.

3. post bail to leave a sum of money with a court of law as bail:

• If a defendant can post bail and presents no threat to the community, he can await trial at home.

  [m0] II. bail bail 2 verb
bail out phrasal verb
1. [transitive] informal FINANCE bail somebody/​something → out to provide money to get a person or organization out of financial trouble:

• These enterprises think they can force the banks to bail them out.

— see also bail-out
2. [transitive] bail somebody → out LAW to help someone to be set free on bail, usually by providing an amount of money that can be left with the court:

• Somehow she raised the $500 to bail him out.

3. FINANCE [intransitive] informal if you bail out of investments that are not doing well, you sell them:

• The stock has climbed to the low $40s from the low $30s, giving him a chance to bail out at a loss he could live with.

* * *

bail UK US /beɪl/ noun [U]
LAW money that someone agrees to pay to a court so that a person who has been accused of a crime can remain free until their trial. If the person does not appear at the trial, the court keeps the money: »

The Court of Appeals let him remain free on bail during the appeal of his conviction.


I agreed to stand bail for him (= pay the bail).


Bail was set at £20,000.

bail UK US /beɪl/ verb [T, usually passive]
LAW if someone accused of a crime is bailed, they are released until their trial, after money has been paid to the court: »

She was bailed after being charged with fraud.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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